Free Parking - Free Admission - Free Entertainment

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Each year, the BFCD organizes the community festival known as "Big Flats Community Days," which enable local organizations to raise funds and also bring the community closer together.  The festival is held at the Big Flats Community Park.  There are generally more than a score (20) of food and game stands as well as amusement rides.  Nightly entertainment is provided free of charge.  There is also a fabulous fireworks display Friday evening.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!!! Please Call Mark at 562-7066 or go to the contact page and drop us a note.


5k Race


Time: 9:00 AM
Registration: 7:45 AM to 9:00 AM
Where: Big Flats Community Park on River St.
Between Main St. (County Route 64) and Route 35

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This is a real highlight of comunity days. Come one come all enjoy the light show!



The festival will feature rides from Midway Rides of Utica. There will be the Ferris Wheel, Scrambler, Tilt-a-Whirl, Hurricane, Jet Ski, Bounce, and more.  On Thursday (5-9pm) and Saturday (2-6pm), we will be offering Pay One Price Rides.  Not all rides in video will be at BFCD.



Seriously who doesnt like event food. Come out support the comunity enjoy some great food and great company.